1985 Roxanna New Burlington Rd.,
Waynesville, OH 45068

Our Premium and Processed Topsoils are kept covered to keep the elements out which ensures you get
a dry, easy to work with product.
Premium Topsoil $37 per cubic yard

Our premium topsoil is our processed topsoil with aged horse manure added at a 60/40 ratio. Excellent for gardens and raised beds.

Processed Topsoil $21 per cubic yard

Our processed topsoil is topsoil that has run through a shredder to get rid of rocks, roots, and any large chunks in it.

Regular Topsoil $19 per cubic yard

Regular topsoil comes straight from the ground. There is no added processes to get rid of any rocks, roots, or anything else in the soil.

Fill Dirt $7 per cubic yard

Fill dirt comes straight from the ground with no processes applied to it.

Play Sand $20 per cubic yard

Our common grade sand great for leveling pools and filling sand boxes.

Mason Sand $39 per cubic yard

Mason sand is a finer quality good for any masonry project or if you just like a finer sand.

Straw Bale $6 each